A City for people

In the 60´s urban building was adjusted to meet the need of cars. This development led to wide streets and motorways in inner cities, which not only is unpleasant to the cityscape but much more to the pedestrians. Nowadays there is a much bigger demand for public transport, which should be more supported. In regards of urban planning the city should design the transportation infrastructure more towards the needs of public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

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  1. By Tom on

    You find a good example when you look at Paris:
    In the 60′s all along the Seine river bank wide streets for the rising car volume were build. Today it would be much nicer if pedestrians like tourists could stroll along the Seine and enjoy the riverbank. Mayor Delanoe wants to combat the Mistakes from the past and came up with the project “Paris Plage”. Since 2010 parts of roads on the left riverbank have been closed for traffic and converted into pedestrian zones with a beach-like-athmosphere. For now this is during the sommer but is planned to be extended.
    Delanoe is also regarded as the initiator of the populare hire bike and “car on demand” system.

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