About Nexteuropeancity

how does it work

Nexteuropeancity is a platform for crowdsourcing citizens’ needs, ideas, solutions and best practices for our future urban life. It is a project initiated and operated by Nexthamburg, Hamburg Marketing GmbH and hi-life – Agentur für Veranstaltungen. Everyone is invited to participate in the collaborative online brainstorming, to share ideas, needs and best practices in respect to technological innovations.

The platform was already successfully launched for the initiative Nextmobility within the Social Media Week 2013 and resulted in a report including eleven theses for future urban mobility in the year of 2050.

This year’s focus is on the use of technology in the cities:

Cities all around the world are depending more and more on technical solutions to be able to trace embedded problems and find matching solutions, as well as to optimize certain processes in a more effective way. Smartphones, smarthomes and even smart cities: our urban environments are struggling to become smarter! Examples worldwide prove, how technically cross-linked solutions improve efficiency and traffic flow within already existing networks, increase the possibility to access a variety of data for citizens. The potential is tremendous.

“Help me, technology!” – under this slogan the Nexteuropeancity is searching answers for the daily needs of citizens within the framework of the Social Media Week. The idea is simple: just name what needs of “urban smartness” do you have in your daily life!

The approach of Nexteuropeancity is a key to deal with the own, very personal, needs of each citizen – starting with the city of Hamburg. In the context of “urban smartness”, do citizens only go for more elaborated high-tech services and offers, or do they rather pursue the collective knowledge of a city and all its inhabitants? The “catalog of needs” will be built up from ideas, visions and best practice examples from all over the world — especially from the four Social Media Cities of Hamburg, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Milan. All the ideas, visions and best practices will be proposed and submitted by a community worldwide, researched by the editorial team and commented by experts.

Last year the topic was mobilty

With NEXTMOBILITY we started the idea of an international idea transfer and crowdsourcing platform. We asked for solutions for future urban mobility concepts. It is a project by Social Media Week Hamburg and Nexthamburg in cooperation with Social Media Week Copenhagen. Everyone was invited to participate in this international brainstorming, to share their ideas and concepts for the urban mobility of tomorrow.
The online platform was launched January 21st, 2013 and is meant to be a permanent participation platform. However, already in mid-February 2013, the visions and best practice examples from nextmobility.net will be taken as a “snapshot” and will be further discussed in a workshop in Hamburg, where NEXTMOBILITY users and opinion leaders will participate. Right after that, during Social Media Week 2013, a panel was held on February 20th, 2013, where experts from Copenhagen and Hamburg will discuss future urban mobility issues with the whole community of Social Media Week, based upon the results of NEXTMOBILITY. A report as a vision paper for Hamburg and Copenhagen was worked out, focussing on the analysis of the collected best practice examples from all around the world and how they can help solving mobility problems in Copenhagen and Hamburg. On February 18th, 2014 there will be a discussion about the results of NEXTMOBILITY.


Why participate?

To what extend does my city have to be smart? What parts of my daily life have to be improved by technical optimization? What is possible and what is allowed? Is the benefit of my personal disclosure bigger than the fact of losing parts of it?

Together with you and the whole Nexteuropeancity-community, we want to shape the answers to these questions. What is your personal need of smartness in terms of the urban space, in particular, in Hamburg?

With Nexteuropeancity, we want to create a „catalog of needs” that is crowdsourced out of your posts and could be a basis for further discussion – apart from academia, proposing still a rather blurry definition to the topic of smart cities, and large companies, leading the direction of our urban development.

Nexteuropeancity will be a permanent platform and will try to cover most of the topics meeting your daily needs in a city. The gathered needs of Hamburg‘s citizens in combination with the ideas and solutions collected from all over the world will be then discussed on a panel during the Social Media Week on February 18th, 2014.

We want your opinion, your ideas, your needs to create a vision of the city of tomorrow. Be a part of the Nexteuropeancity!

About Social Media Week and Nexthamburg

Social Media Week is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. Its mission is to help people and organizations to connect through collaboration, learning and sharing of ideas and information.
Nexthamburg is a think tank for urban development and city marketing in Hamburg.