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Terms of Use:

Keeping the rules whilst participating + posting + communicating with each other:

Since the intention of NEXTEUROPEANCITY includes the fact that everyone feels welcomed, we sincerly ask for a polite and respectful interaction. We want to discuss and consider new ideas, inspirations and visions of future mobility and need your personal opinion as well as constructive posts. In that sense, we also need to outline what is not allowed on Posts and comments or parts that are affected by the following points will not be tolerated and will be immediatly deleted by the NEXTEUROPEANCITY team without contacting the responsible author, if

  • the copyright (texts and pictures) is disregarded or the source and the permission to use contents from obviously other sources is not traceable and quotes are not identified as quotes
  • - they imply personal data such as private addresses, phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses
  • they are misused for commercial purposes or other services
  • they contain discriminate (meaning abusive, violating or degrading) statements (in terms of gender, age, orgin, religion and language etc.) towards other participants of the discussion or against third persons.
  • they demand for violent actions against persons, institutions or companies
  • they contain racist expressions or serve as hate propaganda
  • they contain pornographic or obscene expressions,
  • they call for demonstrations or manifestations for any political orientation,
  • they neglect any other right within the framework of existing legislations not mentioned in the points before

Furthermore, comments will be deleted if the are not referring to the particular post.

All ideas will appear immediatly on the NEXTMOBILITY website. We are confident that you will follow the mentioned rules. ALL post + comments, that are not breaking the rules will be deeply appreciated.

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